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  In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, Shenzhen yingdahang Industry Co., Ltd. in June 2009 the anti-counterfeiting inquiry system upgrade, the new security label on the basis of the original changes have been made. In the use of new and old security label replacement, the company set up a new version of the query and the old version of the query on the web, please consumers according to the old and new version of the following icon to do the appropriate query:

Query method:

  • SMS query:

please send the number of anti false text messages, the old label sent to 1066958878080, the new label sent to 106695887808, you can receive a reply message.

  • Phone inquiries:

Please call toll-free by telephone voice prompts enter the security number in China. Old label call 8008305315, 80083053155 call the new label; overseas customers can call the hotline 0755-83843186.

  • Online Enquiry:

Please visit the official website of online enter the security number.


New anti-counterfeiting label

Please enter the security code:


Old security label

Please enter the security code:


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