Electronic cleaning series

Falcon 857 Special testing agent for electronic components

Category: Electronic cleaning series
Brand: Falcon
Product model 857
Packaging specifications 48 pcs / Carton
Capacity 130 ml / pcs

Product Description

Falcon Special test agent 857 electronic components manufactured a kind of environmentally friendly refrigerant, the use of material surface temperature immediately fall to - 60 ℃, the gas to heat and cooling circuit, quick cooling machine parts, so as to detect the electronic parts and electrical fault, also safe to use on the surface of sensitive components and many materials. Non - flammable, non - residual, non - conductive, rapid evaporation, no damage to metal.


Product Features

● environmental protection, no fluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons, not flammable.

● no residue, rapid evaporation, the surface of the material is still clean after evaporation, will not affect the current properties.

●  to plastic, rubber, coating surface, metal, glass harmless, will not wear or scratch the surface of the material.

●  equipped with nozzles and lengthened thin tubes, gun - type press, easy to use.


Product Application

●  Suitable for disassembly of electronic equipment/laboratory test/sensitive parts/metal pipe interface/bearing assembly.

● it can be used to prevent frostbite caused by refrigerant liquid spraying.

● Connection and disassembly of metal pipes, bearing assembly and disassembly.


Using Method

● do not shake before and during use.

● do not spray on your skin. Use a face mask, protective glasses, long skirt and gloves.

● Any operation near an open flame is prohibited.

● when spraying, press the nozzle so that the nozzle is about 15-30cm away from the object.

● extended thin tube can be used for accurate spraying.


Matters need attention

● this product contains pressure gas, please keep away from heat source and open flame. Do not puncture, tap or drop the aerosol can into the fire.

●  keep it out of reach of children.

● please do not spray on the skin, the spray of refrigerant liquid will expose the skin frostbite.

●  this product has a slight odor and is irritating to eyes and skin. If it comes into contact with your eyes, open them wide and rinse them with plenty of water. Seek medical advice as soon as necessary. If it comes into contact with the skin, soak or rinse with plenty of water.


Storage condition

● Storage space should be ventilated and dry. Storage temperature should be lower than 40℃.

● Guarantee Period: 24 months


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