Anti-rust Agent

Falcn S-102E Gasify anti-rust agent

Category: Antirust series
Brand: Falcon
Product model S-102E
Packaging specifications 24 pcs / Carton
Capacity 450 ml / pcs

Product Description

Falcon S-102E is a gasification anti-rust agent, carefully selected refined base oil, high quality anti-rust agent carefully prepared, sprayed on the surface of the workpiece quickly formed a transparent anti-rust film. This kind of antirust agent does not stick to dirty mold, antirust period of about 1 ~ 3 months.


Recommended Application

Applicable to all metal or non - metal anti - rust, anti - corrosion.

Application example: anticorrosion of metal work pieces, molds, mechanical parts, precision instruments, chains, locks, bearings, etc.

Using Way

● before spraying antirust agent, the surface of the object to be sprayed with cleaning agent to clean and dry the surface. After cleaning, it can be dried with filtered dry compressed air or with a dryer of 120-170℃.

●  before use, please turn up and down properly and shake the tank body to shake the product well to make the spray more uniform.

●  when spraying, press the nozzle to spray vertically from the nozzle about 30cm away from the object. Depending on the thickness of the oil film, it can move evenly or be sprayed on the surface of the workpiece for many times to form an anti-rust film.

● after spraying, place the workpiece in a ventilated and dry environment for 24 hours.

Anti-rust Period: About 1-3 months.


Product Advantages

● good anti-rust effect, high cost performance, not easy to flow on the workpiece.

● anti-rust oil film easy to remove, reduce the use of cleaning agent.

● excellent human sweat displacement.

● environmental protection products, in accordance with the EU RoHS environmental protection directive.

● non-toxic, harmless to human body; Low odor, easy to accept by the operator.

● tank body under high pressure, safe use, effectively eliminate safety hazards.


Matters need attention

● all canned products are flammable, storage temperature should be less than 50℃.

● when long-term storage, carton stack should not exceed 8 boxes.

● handle the product gently, do not use drop, throw, bump and other dangerous action.

● Storage place should be ventilated, dry and cool. Direct sunlight or outdoor exposure is strictly prohibited.

● do not tap and stay away from fire.


Typical Data

       Test Item

Test Way


Typical Data

Copper Corrosion




Antirust salt spray test

           ASTM B117



Internal Pressure




Emission Rate




The above are typical data and do not represent product indicators. The above information is subject to change without prior notice as additives are updated and new products appear. This data is for reference only.

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