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Biaozhun OK202 High temperature resistant thimble oil

Category: Can lubrication series
Brand: Biaozhun
Product model OK202
Packaging specifications 24 pcs / Carton
Capacity 500 ml / pcs

Product Description

OK202 high temperature resistant thimble oil is made of high-tech metal lubricant and anti-wear and lubricating additives. The product has excellent lubricity, abrasion resistance and cooling performance. The high-temperature oil film does not break and does not produce sintering. The high temperature resistance is above 300 ° C, which effectively protects the thimble and extends the life of the thimble. The lubricating molecules are attached to the surface of the metal by the anti-traditional positive ion (+) polarity method, forming a tough and lubricating film, which can play the role of lubrication and anti-wear under high temperature and extreme pressure.


Recommended Applications

It is suitable for the lubrication of thimble, bearings, guide rails and other parts of the mold, and it is also suitable for the processing and lubrication of the tapping, turning, drilling and tapping sections of ferrous metals and some non-ferrous metals.


Product advantages

● Good lubricity, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, effectively protect the components used and increase the service life of components;

● The high-temperature oil film does not rupture and will not produce sintering phenomenon;

● Under the condition of high temperature and extreme pressure, it can play the role of lubrication and anti-wear;

● The EU RoHS environmental protection directive, passed Phthalates and PAHS tests, has no pollution to the environment.



Shake the product in the tank before use and spray it evenly on the parts to be lubricated from a distance of 5-15 cm. If there is doubt about the non-metallic substance next to the application position, please test its compatibility. 


Typical data

Test Items


Test result


Light yellow transparent liquid


Oily smell

Kinematic viscosity(40℃)



Density @15℃



Pour point


Flash point (closed)


The above is typical data and does not represent product specifications. With the continuous updating of additives and the continuous emergence of new products, the above information may be changed at any time without notice. This data is for reference only.

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