Antirust series

Biaozhun YD300 Green Anti-rust Lubricant Agent

Category: Antirust series
Brand: Biaozhun
Product model YD300
Packaging specifications 24 pcs / Carton
Capacity 500 ml / pcs

Product Description

YD300 green anti-rust agent is a high-performance, non-toxic and environmentally friendly high-quality anti-rust agent. After spraying on the metal surface, it forms a soft film, which plays a strong anti-rust and anti-corrosion effect on the metal.


Recommended Applications

It is suitable for waterproofing, antirust and anticorrosion of ferrous metals, especially suitable for anticorrosion and anticorrosion of metal parts, equipment, instruments, chains, bearings and other products in harsh environments, such as marine environments and salt spray environments.


Product advantages 

● Excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance, which can effectively protect the metal for a long time and keep the metal surface shiny;

● Non-toxic and environmental protection, in line with EU RoHS environmental protection directives;

● Excellent heat resistance, salt spray resistance, acid and alkali resistance;

● Good atomization performance, large effective area and cost saving;

● Excellent waterproof performance;

● Non-corrosive to plastic and rubber

● It can effectively form a uniform anti-rust film.


Typical data

Test Items

Test Method


Test result

Base oil

Petroleum solvent

Film color


Oil film type

Soft film


Storage indoor


About 60

Storage outdoor


About 12

Copper corrosion




The above is typical data and does not represent product specifications. With the continuous updating of additives and the continuous emergence of new products, the above information may be changed at any time without notice. This data is for reference only.

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