Antirust series

Biaozhun YD200 Transparent Anti-rust Lubricant Agent

Category: Antirust series
Brand: Biaozhun
Product model YD200
Packaging specifications 24 pcs / Carton
Capacity 500 ml / pcs

Product Description

YD200 transparent anti-rust agent is a kind of anti-rust agent with thin oil film, soft film, anti-fingerprint, anti-rust period of more than three years


Recommended Applications

It is suitable for antirust and anticorrosion of all metals or nonmetals. Application examples: metal workpieces, molds, mechanical parts, precision instruments, chains, locks, bearings, etc., especially suitable for the rust and corrosion protection of molds.



● Before spraying the anti-rust agent, the surface of the object to be sprayed should be cleaned with a cleaning agent and dried. After cleaning, it can be blown dry with filtered dry compressed air, or dried with a dryer at 120-170 ℃.

● Before use, please shake the can upside down and shake the product to make the spray more uniform.

● When spraying, press the spray head so that the nozzle is sprayed vertically about 30cm away from the object, and move evenly depending on the thickness of the oil film or spray multiple times to the surface of the workpiece to form a colorless or light yellow anti-rust film.

● After spraying, place the workpiece in a ventilated and dry environment for 24 hours.


Product advantages 

● Good anti-rust effect and high cost performance.

● The anti-rust oil film is easy to remove, reducing the use of cleaning agents.

● Excellent human sweat replacement.

● Environmentally friendly products, comply with EU RoHS environmental protection directives, pass Phthalates, PAHS and other tests.

● Non-toxic, harmless to human body; low odor, easy for operator to accept.

● The tank is under high pressure, safe to use, and effectively eliminate potential safety hazards. 


Typical data


Test Items

Test Method


Test result

Copper corrosion



Anti-rust salt spray test




Humidity test

ASTM D1748



Internal pressure




Ejection rate




The above is typical data and does not represent product specifications. With the continuous updating of additives and the continuous emergence of new products, the above information may be changed at any time without notice. This data is for reference only.


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